I’d Rather Have Jesus

On February 5, 1961, Billy Graham was in Tampa, Florida for one of his one-day stops, where he held a mammoth rally in an athletic stadium. George Beverly Shea was the soloist for the gathering, and afterward i...

He Will Carry You

Lee Black and Gina Boe are veteran Southern Gospel songwriters. Both have written as individuals and with other composers. The song in question was a joint effort and a very successful one, indeed. Gina has ...

When He Was On The Cross

Mike Payne was born in West Virginia, in 1953. He became a Christian early on and grew up loving Southern Gospel music. His first efforts at songwriting were simply to change the lyrics of popular, secular tunes.

Answered and Unanswered Prayers

Have you ever been in a situation where you were keenly aware that God was way ahead of your situation and had provision ready when you needed it? My wife and I just had such a situation. We recently moved, which is another whole story in itself. (Whoever invented moving needs to be hung or shot or something!)

If You Really Want To Do Something

If you really want to do something to support Southern Gospel music artists—something that is truly needed—I'd like to suggest this: Pray.