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Karen Peck Is Cast In Her Second Movie, "Redeemed"

Dahlonega, GA (October 1, 2013) Multi-talented and highly awarded Gospel singer Karen Peck of Karen Peck and New River, who had a role in the movie "Joyful Noise" starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton, released in January 2012, has been cast in another film.

She recently flew to Los Angeles to take part in filming for the movie "Redeemed" being produced by Christian film company Pure Flix. The film is about Paul Tyson who is a loving husband, devoted father and a well-respected businessman on the brink of the biggest business deal of his career. He is looking for an investor to help finish a project that the US government is interested in. Julia, with the Brazilian investment company pays a visit. She is attractive and Paul has an affair of the heart.

As the pressures of a crumbling company creep in and intense new feelings abound, the renewal of his wedding vows to his wife, Beth, get put on the back burner and the question arises… Just what is adultery?On a flight to Brazil to find Julia, Paul sits beside Marco, a pastor. Marco invites him to church and in that service he realizes he has all he needs is at home. Upon his return, Beth and Paul renew their vows. A story of redemption.

The Producer/Director, David A.R.White said of Karen Peck, "Working with Karen was such a pleasure, both personally and professionally. She may not have acted in many films, yet everyone could tell she was a consummate professional. Super natural and brought her southern charm to her acting. I loved working with Karen Peck. To me, she is America's Sweetheart. Thank you Karen."

Karen Peck plays the part of Rose, the best friend of Beth, and is her rock when things are not going well in her marriage. She helps her to stay strong and fight for her marriage.

Karen stated "I was honored to have a small acting role in the movie 'Redeemed'. The actors were simply amazing to work with. I want to thank producer and director, David A.R. White for this tremendous opportunity."

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