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2013 Singing News Fan Awards Second Round Voting Results- TOP FIVE Finalists Announced!

The second round of voting for the 2013 Singing News Fan Awards, the Southern Gospel Industry's PREMIERE fan-voted awards, is now over, and the readers of Singing News Magazine have cast their votes for who they think is the TOP FIVE nominees in each available category.

Singing News Magazine subscribers will soon be able to vote for their favorites among these results when the second round of voting begins. If you would like to vote in the second round, but are not yet a subscriber to Singing News Magazine, click here to see multiple ways you can subscribe and be eligible to vote before it's too late!

2013 Singing News Top 5 Fan Award Nominations

Favorite Artist
1. Booth Brothers
2. Collingsworth Family
3. Greater Vision
4. Perrys
5. Triumphant Qt

Favorite Traditional Quartet
1. Brian Free & Assurance
2. Kingdom Heirs
3. Legacy Five 
4. Mark Trammell Qt
5. Triumphant Qt

Favorite Mixed Group
1. Collingsworth Family
2. Hoppers
3. Isaacs
4. McKameys
5. Perrys

Favorite Trio
1. Booth Brothers 
2. Greater Vision
3. Jeff & Sheri Easter
4. Karen Peck & New River
5. Whisnants

Favorite Soloist
1. Bishop, Mark
2. Crabb, Jason
3. Greene, TaRanda
4. Parker, Ivan
5. Penrod, Guy

Favorite Male Singer
1.  Bennett, Eric- Triumphant Qt.
2.  Booth, Ronnie- Booth Brothers
3.  Habedank, Joseph- Perrys
4.  Parker, Ivan- Soloist
5.  Rice, Arthur- Kingdom Heirs

Favorite Female Singer
1. Easter, Sheri- Jeff & Sheri Easter
2. Gooch, Karen Peck- Karen Peck & New River
3. Greene, TaRanda- Soloist
4. Hopper, Kim- Hoppers
5. Stuffle, Libbi- Perrys

Favorite Young Artist
1. Collingsworth, Olivia- Collingsworth Family
2. Easter, Morgan- Jeff & Sheri Easter.
3. Ivey, Trey- Legacy Five
4. Thompson, Amber- Nelons
5. Wilburn, Jordan- Wilburn & Wilburn

Favorite Tenor
1. Allman, Chris- Greater Vision
2. Booth, Michael- Booth Brothers
3. Free, Brian- Brian Free & Assurance
4. Phelps, David- Gaither Vocal Band
5. Sutton, David- Triumphant Qt

Favorite Lead
1. Booth, Ronnie- Booth Brothers
2. Habedank, Joseph- Perrys 
3. Inman, Clayton- Triumphant Qt
4. Rice, Arthur- Kingdom Heirs
5. Wolfe, Gerald- Greater Vision

Favorite Baritone
1. Brady, Jim- Booth Brothers
2. Griffin, Rodney- Greater Vision
3. Inman, Scott- Triumphant Qt
4. Lowry, Mark- Gaither Volcal Band
5. Trammell, Mark- Mark Trammell Qt

Favorite Bass
1. Barker, Pat- Mark Trammell Qt
2. Bennett, Eric- Triumphant Qt
3. Holcomb, Mike- Inspirations
4. Riley, Tim- Gold City
5. Stuffle, Tracy- Perrys

Favorite Soprano
1. Alvey, Lauren Talley- Talleys
2. Collingsworth, Brooklyn- Collingsworth Family
3. Gooch, Karen Peck- Karen Peck & New River
4. Hopper, Kim- Hoppers
5. Yeary, Sonya Isaacs- Isaacs

Favorite Alto
1. Collingsworth, Courtney- Collingsworth Family
2. Easter, Sheri- Jeff & Sheri Easter
3. Hopper, Connie- Hoppers
4. Stuffle, Libbi- Perrys
5. Whisnant, Susan- Whisnants

Favorite Musician
1. Collingsworth, Kim- Collingsworth Family
2. Fortner, Roger- McKameys
3. Mote, Gordon- Soloist/Gaither Vocal Band
4. Stice, Jeff- Triumphant Qt
5. Williams, Kevin- Gaither Vocal Band

Favorite Band
1. Dove Brothers
2. Gaither Vocal Band.
3. Isaacs
4. Kingdom Heirs 
5. Primitive Qt

Favorite Songwriter
1. Bishop, Mark
2. Brady, Jim
3. Griffin, Rodney
4. Habedank, Joseph
5. Inman, Scott

Favorite Album
1. Count Me In- Hoppers
2. Greatest Hits-Live- Booth Brothers
3. Nothing But Love- Brian Free & Assurance
4. Our Most Requested Live- Greater Vision
5. Through The Night- Perrys

Favorite Song
1. All Is Well- Whisnants
2. Good News From Jerusalem- Tribute Qt
3. He Didn't When He Could Have Passed By- Greater Vision
4. I Got A Hold Of God This Morning- Perrys
5. I Want To Be That Man- Brian Free & Assurance
6. I'm Still Amazed- Legacy Five
7. Just Preach Jesus- Kingdom Heirs.
8. Right In The Middle- Booth Brothers
9. Take It From Me Meshach- Triumphant Qt.
10. Unspoken Request- McKameys

Favorite Small Market DJ
1. Hamm, Randall- WFLQ- French Lick, IN
2. Hutton, Dave- KTTK- Lebanon, MO
3. Lamb, Alan- WSDC- Sneedville, TN
4. Whisnant, John- WCIS- Morganton, NC
5. Wishon, John- WWWC- Wilkesboro, NC

Favorite Medium Market DJ
1. Chambers , Richard- WGUS- Augusta, GA 
2. Richardson, Gary- WJCR- Upton, KY
3. Rothell, Brian- WCON- Cornelia, GA
4. Squires, Lottie- WCKB- Dunn, NC
5. Taylor, Dave- KWFC- Springfield, MO

Favorite Large Market DJ
1. Britt, Daniel- WXRI- Winston Salem, NC 
2. Guinn, Tim- WJBZ- Knoxville, TN
3. Hicks, Ken- WUSY- Chattanooga, TN 
4. Taylor, Wanda- WXRI- Winston Salem, NC 
5. Wallace, Wayne- WXJC- Birmingham, AL

Favorite Non-Performing Songwriter
1. Free, Ricky
2. Funderburk, Marty
3. Lister, Mosie
4. Peck, Rebecca
5. Wilkinson, Dianne

Favorite New Traditional Quartet
1. Canton Junction
2. Carolina Boys
3. Old Paths
4. Paul's Journey
5. Union Street

Favorite New Mixed Group
1. Allen Family
2. Heaven's Mountain Band
3. Mylon Hayes Family
4. Sneed Family
5. Taylors

Favorite New Trio
1. 11th Hour
2. Beyond the Ashes
3. Freedom Trio
4. Hyssongs
5. Red Roots

Favorite New Soloist
1. Hester, Chris
2. Hodges, Billy
3. Ladd, Steve
4. Paskvan, Abby
5. Primm, Angela

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