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Spoken 4 Involved In Multiple Vehicle Accident

UPDATE: Tuesday, December 14th, 10am- We just received word from group co-manager Jon Charles Taggart that bass singer Cecil Stringer and baritone singer, Jeremy Wilkerson have been hospitalized for injuries sustained in the horrible crash that has totalled their touring van and merchandise trailer.

Jon Charles says, "Cecil has a broken hand and frostbite, Jeremy appears to have broken his foot."

We will get any more information as it becomes available. The guys are thanking the Lord for His hand of protection. As you can imagine it will be a difficult physical and financial road for them in the immediate future please continue to remember them in your prayers.  


We have learned that the group, Spoken 4, was involved in a major accident today, December 13th. In what was reported to be around a 30 car accident caused by inclement weather, Spoken 4 was able to escape with non-life threatening injuries. There were some broken bones, but the group was able to get out of their van before it was damaged further by a tractor-trailor.

Unfortunately, there were deaths involved. Please pray for those individuals and their families.

The group asks "that you please continue to remember us and those others who were affected by this terrible accident. We are so thankful that God spared our lives today. We are sorry to report that there are some people whose lives were not spared,and may Our Gracious Heavenly Father be with their loved ones. We will give you more updates at a later time."

Stay tuned to for more information as it develops. Below are some pictures from the crash.




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