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Letter And Update On Squire Parsons

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and concern for our ministry. As some of you are aware I was hospitalized a few weeks ago for pneumonia. While in the hospital we were surprised at what some other test results revealed; the pneumonia seemingly was a result of a weakened immune system which was due to chronic myelogenous leukemia, or sometimes referred to as CML. Needless to say, Linda and I were shocked at this report; however, I must say that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ was very near and dear to us as we tried to grasp the ramifications of this disease. I was blessed to have a speedy diagnosis and when confirmed by the blood test, treatments were started immediately and our reports have improved weekly. I also feel blessed to be able to continue our normal services and also scheduling future dates as usual, as this type of leukemia when discovered early is usually controlled by oral medications according to my oncologist. Needless to say we appreciate your prayerful support. We look foremost to our Great Physician who knows our every need before we pray.

In Christ,

Squire & Linda

Psalms 25:14

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