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Mid-South Boys singing Gospel Music again
In 1971, the Mid-South Quartet hired 17 year old Roger Siratt to sing lead vocal for them. At that time the group consisted of tenor, Monty Frye (deceased); baritone and pianist, Larry Rudkin (deceased); and bass, Morris Nichols. Roger became part owner two years later and remained with the group for approximately ten years.

In November 1998 Robbie McGee sold the Mid-South name and all the subsidiary names back to Roger Siratt for an undisclosed amount. Dr Roger Siratt, now senior pastor of Texarkana Christian Center Family Church in Texarkana, Texas, has brought together another great group of singers that maintain the Mid-South Boys sound.

The new Mid-South Boys members are owner/lead vocalist, Dr Roger Siratt; tenor, Bill Stone; baritone/pianist, Richard Potts; and bass, Dennis Bolden.

Roger sang a short time with the Sound, the original Mid-South Boys, Blackwood Quartet, and Reunion. Bill sang with Ambassadors and Reunion. Richard sang with Kings Connection and Reunion. Dennis sang with Majestic, Sound, the original Mid-South Boys, and Reunion. With many years of experience you are in for a treat.

A new music CD is now in the works so be watching for the dynamic original Mid-South Boys.

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