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Sheri Easter Diagnosed With Cancer
Yesterday Sheri Easter learned as a result of testing that she has breast cancer. The report came after a recent biopsy as stated on Sheri's blog on She will be undergoing surgery with the possibility of a mastectomy.

Jeff and Sheri have been an unwavering influence in the Gospel Music industry for over twenty years. Their success is such, as legends are made of. Their life, music and testimony resonate in the hearts of their audiences everywhere because of the reality of which they sing! Sheri's testimony to her audiences could not be more profound than what came from her hand today, in her blog, when she wrote "I wonder how many times in my life I've used the word "planned"? My schedule doesn't have an opening for cancer. I'm a scheduler and a very good one at that, but even I can't schedule life onto a calender".

Jeff and Sheri Easter covet your prayers at this time, as Jeff reminds us, "Why should I dwell on the hardships and struggles when I look just beyond them I see....the way this will end is with great celebration and deep in my heart I believe. Over and over, again and again, God is faithful!"
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