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Songwriter C. S. Grogan Passes Away
C.S. Grogan of Sanford, NC, passed away on March 25, 2006. He pastored 10 churches over a span of 38 years and during this time he was involved in the radio ministry for 30 years and served on several committees for The Church of God organization. Music was one of his favorite most loved things. He served as a member on the Music Committee for the Church of God General Assembly and served as a member on the first staff of writers at the Tennessee Music and Printing Company and the Music Study Commission for the Church of God.

Rev. Grogan has 207 Gospel songs to his credit. His first published song was written in 1951 and was titled ╥I Need No Mansion Here╙ This song was recorded by Wally Fowler and The Original Oak Ridge Quartet. Many other artists sang and recorded several of his songs over the years including The Speer Family, the Lee College Touring Choir , The Continental Quartet, The Ken Apple Trio, The Sego Brothers & Naomi, The Singing Americans and The Harvesters Quartet.

He also had a prison ministry during his pastorate times. He was visiting a particular person in one of the prisons in the early 1950╒s who had been playing the radio and listening to one of the songs Rev. Grogan had written. It was during this visit that the person in prison gave his heart to the Lord╔.the song title the person was listening to was ╥Jesus Signed My Pardon╙ This person was later released from prison and became a prominate Southern Gospel singer/songwriter and this gentleman╒s children are now carrying the torch for the Lord by singing God╒s music and witnessing for Him in a full-time manner.

His ministry still continues and lives on both with the singers he has touched, through the songs he has written and the souls he has brought into the Kingdom╙
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