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The Future of the Singing News Magazine

15% More Content!

We are enthusiastically working on upcoming issues of the Singing News Magazine, and we are excited about what we have to deliver to you. As you know, we have worked on a possible re-design of the cover logo, and we are near a decision on that. Your feedback has been very helpful. But no matter how the cover logo looks, we can guarantee you this--the Singing News will continue to be the preeminent voice for Southern Gospel music. And we mean all things Southern Gospel: concert information, artist schedules, At Home segments, feature stories, and more. Artists you love will be featured. Artists you used to love will be honored. Artists you╒ve never heard of will be introduced.

You can look forward to stories about The Kingdom Heirs, Tim and Mary Alice Lovelace, Anthony Burger, Legacy Five, Lauren Talley, the Jody Brown Indian Family, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Mercy╒s Mark, Ivan Parker, and many many more. You will also be excited to hear our plans for

Anytime there is change, there is an element of uncertainty, but we assure you that an ownership change in the Singing News will make the magazine you love even stronger. There will be no changes with the staff in Boone. Jerry and Danny will continue their leadership from the Boone office, and we will add a small staff in Nashville to facilitate business growth and the addition of even more content. In fact, we guarantee that the Singing News will deliver at least 15% more Southern Gospel content in every issue! But beyond our guarantee of more content, we believe it most important to reinforce why we do what we do. We love Southern Gospel Music for many reasons, but in the final analysis, what we love most about Southern Gospel Music is that its lyrics are Biblically-based and point us straight to Jesus Christ...His birth, His life, His death on Calvary, His resurrection and His promise to us for an eternal home in Heaven with Him. That is what the Singing News Magazine has been about since its founding in 1969, and that is what it will continue to be. To adapt a favorite phrase from the late great J.D. Sumner, We Can't Wait!

We appreciate your continued prayers and feedback.

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