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Where Is Ricky?
Ventriloquist Geraldine Ragan (of Geraldine & Ricky fame) has traveled extensively since 1967 with her little friend Ricky. Ricky is 42 inches tall and about the size of a seven-year-old little boy. He is made of bass wood with the likeness of a little boy who has bright shiny eyes, a big smile, dark hair and a personality full of mischief, joy and excitement.

This life-like character comes alive comes alive when around Geraldine. Ricky loves to tell humorous stories of people in his audiences - a little kidding at times, but reminding them "I love you." He teaches us to laugh at ourselves and following the humor, leaves an encouraging message of hope and faith in God.

The unique couple would always present programs of humor, songs and inspiration. If you have ever had an encounter with Ricky, you know it could never be forgotten.

On June 6, 2005, Geraldine left Richmond, VA, on Delta flight #1807 flying to Atlanta. Later, she would board Delta flight #1671 in Atlanta to head to Birmingham, AL. While checking in at Richmond, the agent handling Geraldine's luggage noticed that the agent next to her put the wrong tag on Geraldine' suitcase. Geraldine's agent caught the mistake and said, "Oh, that's mine." She then pulled off the tag and handed it back to the other agent.

Geraldine feels that it's possible that the same thing happened on her agent's customer's "second bag," - the suitcase that contained Ricky. Ricky never made it to Birmingham.

Since 9/11, traveling has been very different and difficult. With the inspections more frequent, Ricky been broken three different times by TSA agents. Ricky travels in a black hard-shell suitcase 32 inches by 28 inches and usually has several videos and DVDs packed around him. He always has a towel and bubble wrap over his face for protection. When last seen, Ricky was wearing a royal blue jacket with black pants. The creator of Ricky, Finis Robinson, passed away three years ago, so this vintage doll of 38 years can never be replaced. He is the original Ricky and he wouldn't mean much to anyone else, but to Geraldine, Ricky is a life-long work partner.

IF Ricky did arrive in Birmingham, it might be possible that he was picked up by mistake. If this has happened, please notify Geraldine by calling her office at (205) 678-9693. Geraldine is offering a reward of $3000.00 for Ricky's safe return.

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