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NQC Reorganizes
The National Quartet Convention is undergoing a reorganization designed to increase its efficiency and position itself to increase its visibility as Southern Gospel Music's premier event.

The first step of this reorganization was replacing Jim Cumbee and Russ Farrar on the Board of Directors with Scott Fowler and Gerald Wolfe. As stated by Jim Cumbee in a letter to the NQC Board, "I am not out there with the fans night after night, and the best decisions come from being around the fans. The longer I was involved with NQC, the more I felt it belonged to those who sacrifice night after night, concert after concert, handshake after handshake." In a very real sense, the NQC was built on the record tables of the six groups whose managers used to sit on the NQC Board. With the passing of Rex Nelon, Brock Speer and Glen Payne, that number decreased to two, (Les Beasley and Claude Hopper) and then was increased to three with the addition of Steve French of the Kingdom Heirs. That number will increase to five with the addition of Legacy Five and Greater Vision.

Another important reorganization is taking place as the NQC Board transforms itself from an oversight board to a management board. Clarke Beasley, currently serving as the NQC Executive Vice President and in charge of every aspect of the event, is being promoted to the NQC Board of Directors where he will serve as NQC Director and Treasurer. Clarke will continue to remain in charge of the NQC full time staff; however, his other duties will be divided among the individual NQC Board members.

Although still in charge of the NQC staff, office and show office, Clarke will be leaving his full time staff position to pursue another opportunity with the state of Kentucky for the development of Convention and Trade Show business. I am so thankful God provided a way for the restructuring to occur that allowed me to maintain my integral involvement with the NQC, for I never want the day to come when I am not involved in Southern Gospel Music or the NQC," states Clarke Beasley.

Of course, all questions should be referred to the NQC office, as the excellent, full-time NQC staff is capable of handling all needs and answering any questions.

As Southern Gospel's flagship event, the NQC Board feels a very strong sense of duty in making the event the best event it can possibly be.
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