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A Legendary Tradition Continues - Jimmy Blackwood Joins Blackwood Gospel Quartet
When James Blackwood invited Cecil Blackwood to sing with the Blackwood Brothers back in 1954, they probably had no idea of all the things that would transpire from that invitation. Since Cecil's son Mark had just been born, it is unlikely that Cecil and James imagined that 50 years later each of their firstborn sons would team up in a quartet, but that is exactly what has happened.

Mark Blackwood and the Blackwood Gospel Quartet welcome James (Jimmy) Blackwood, Jr. to the quartet. Jimmy brings a new dimension to the group and because he sounds a little like his father, some have said it brings back the sound of the Blackwood Brothers now that Mark AND Jimmy are in the quartet.

Jimmy was a member of the Stamps Quartet from 1965 until 1969 and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet from 1970 until 1986. He has since been involved in a solo ministry and will continue to work in that ministry.

Mark has been involved with the Blackwood Brothers since the late 1970s when he produced recordings for them. He starting singing with the group in the mid-1980s and now continues the tradition of great Gospel music that his father and his Uncle James loved so dearly.

To learn more about the Blackwood Gospel Quartet you can visit their web site,
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