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Put Out The Fire

Since 1990, Greater Vision has been one of the leading groups in Southern Gospel music. Their awards have been more numerous than any trio in the history of that genre of music.

Their rich harmonies have been acknowledged and appreciated wherever their music is heard. Gerald Wolfe, the group’s founder and emcee, sings the lead. Rodney Griffin, the author of most of their songs, sings the baritone part, and Chris Allman, also a prolific writer, sings the tenor.   

Every day of the year Greater Vision is heard by thousands of fans on radio or during their live concerts. They can be heard on traditional Christian stations and on Internet radio by way of the world-wide-web. On numerous occasions they have been guests on the In Touch television ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley, and have been featured on the Gaither Gospel Series.

While continuing their aggressive music activities, Greater Vision has recently released As We Speak, a CD on which Griffin’s Put Out the Fire can be heard. The studio producer, during the recording of special segments of the project, was the late, great Lari Goss. His touch could enhance any musical endeavor.

Griffin said of the writing of this song, “ I was riding my lawnmower one afternoon and my telephone rang in my headphones.  It was my Dad, Jeff Griffin, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Russell Springs, Kentucky.  He told me he was studying for the following Sunday’s sermon and became intrigued with a particular truth: the sacrificial flame at the Temple was no longer needed when Jesus came to earth.  Wow! What a concept!  Jesus would be our forever sacrifice! It was a wonderful idea for a song!”  

“It took me three months of tweaking to get the song completed. I wrote out the number chart for Gerald to play on the piano as I sang it for the guys. We were searching for material for the As We Speak CD project. They liked the song and so we recorded it seven months later.”

Put Out the Fire
John the Baptist at the Jordan preached the coming of the Lord
Baptizing everyone who would believe
Among the crowd that gathered there ‘a watching from the shore
I’d imagine there were Scribes and Pharisees
I can see John pointing toward Jerusalem that day
To the place of temple sacrifice
Saying, “Through the years those lambs have never washed our sins away”
But hope has come, behold the Lamb of God!

Put Out The Fire
Here comes the glory
Your sacrifice is not as worthy
He’s come to die to make us holy
We found the perfect Lamb
Put Out The Fire

The smoke up at the temple sent a message to the world
That every sin of man would have a price
Daily as the priest prepared an offering for the Lord
The purest of all lambs would have to die
But, when John saw the Promise walking down old Jordan’s banks
The answer to the cries of all the lost
He knew up at the temple things were soon about to change
The altar would forever be the cross

He was prophesied to rise out of the seed of Abraham
Coming by a virgin down in lowly Bethlehem
The One Who angels worshipped since before the world began
Has stepped into the Jordan as the spotless Lamb

Words and Music by Rodney Griffin,
©2014 Songs of Greater Vision, BMI.                                                                           

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