Danny Jones
Danny's Diary

Danny's Diary

A 19-year veteran of the publication, Danny Jones is the Editor in Chief of Singing News. During his tenure he has authored three barely successful books that offer inside (and often humorous) looks at the world of Southern Gospel Music. He also currently serves as the Executive Director of The Southern Gospel Music Association.

Numbers (#476)
I'm not saying that's right or wrong. In fact, I don't even know if there's a right or wrong here.
Me and My Friend, Part 2 (#475)
A few weeks ago, I posted the names of 15 of some Southern Gospel artists and asked you to correctly pair those names with their middle names.
Encouraged (#474)
I have been extremely encouraged at what I'm seeing in terms of attendance.
Me and My Friend (#473)
You'd think he'd have the name right.
Duct Tape, Please (#472)
I should have seen it coming.
The First Ten (#471)
It seems as though that when a year ends, writers tend to look back at what has taken place in the preceding 365 days.
Merry Christmas (#470)
Merry Christmas (#470)
Christmas Vacation (#469)
If you read last week's blog, you may be wondering if I got all of my shopping done.
Christmas Quotables (#468)
I'll never get all of my shopping done in time.
Calling Who? (#467)
I was sitting in a hospital waiting room earlier today and as I waited, I was struck by how often the receptionist or nurse butchered someone's name.
Thanksgiving 2009 (#466)
So, what will you do this Thanksgiving?
Southern Gospel-Chicago Style (#465)
You wouldn't normally think of the Chicago area being a "happening" spot for Southern Gospel music...