Danny Jones
Danny's Diary

Danny's Diary

A 19-year veteran of the publication, Danny Jones is the Editor in Chief of Singing News. During his tenure he has authored three barely successful books that offer inside (and often humorous) looks at the world of Southern Gospel Music. He also currently serves as the Executive Director of The Southern Gospel Music Association.

Thinking Out Loud (#535)
While this topic is not thrown on this diary today just for kicks and giggles, this topic is currently a discussion only.
Arriving Soon
A new diary entry is coming soon.
The Vote (#534)
Stand with your convictions.
Remembering Tony (#533)
Two years ago today, the world of Southern Gospel music changed quite a bit.
Pray (#532)
When you don't feel like praying, pray.
The Perfect Concert: Reader Responses (#531)
Since many readers of Danny's Diary are seasoned veterans of concerts, promoters and artists felt that those same readers would be frank in their thoughts—and as you are about to see, they sure were.
The Perfect Concert (#530)
Could you add some dancing bears?
Be Encouraged (#529)
There is much Scripture devoted to encouraging those who stand strong in their faith.
Thankful For The Memories (#528)
I learned a long time ago that I have more to be thankful for than I could ever dream of.
Consistency Is Key (#527)
Let's go back to an era when two quartets—Gold City and The Cathedrals—were dominating everything but the price of cucumbers.
36 Years Ago (#526)
As you might expect, I have a large collection of Singing News magazines and newspapers. As you might also expect, they are not organized in a manner that any normal person would use.
All The World's A Stage - Kinda (#525)
Not only was he singing it, he was selling it!