Danny Jones
Danny's Diary

Danny's Diary

A 19-year veteran of the publication, Danny Jones is the Editor in Chief of Singing News. During his tenure he has authored three barely successful books that offer inside (and often humorous) looks at the world of Southern Gospel Music. He also currently serves as the Executive Director of The Southern Gospel Music Association.

Remembering Billy Nobles (#524)
For those who have been in Southern Gospel music for quite some time, today is a bittersweet day as we remember Billy Nobles.
IHOTWTTC, Vol. 2 (#523)
Jeff Easter is convinced that drive-thru banking started with his Uncle Ed.
If I Had The Words (#522)
That cursor has me particularly irritated.
January In Review (#521)
Maybe he could just open the boxes and let people go through them to find what they want.
Hit The Track! (#520)
There were a few "courtesy laughs" but mostly there were 1,500 sets of eyes just staring at the stage.
Trying To Get To You Revisited Part 2 (#519)
Move the calculator closer to the window?
Trying To Get To You Revisited (#518)
They just don't understand it at the truck stop when you step up to the cashier and tell 'em "Jesus paid it all, brother."
And So Begins 2012 (#517)
It may be an uphill climb, but my knees are still good.
The Southern Gospel Olympics, Part 2 (#516)
You like that kind of encoring in Sochi, Russia???
The Southern Gospel Olympics (#515)
Yes, my little mind has strayed away like a two-year old in a toy store.
A Candle Can Shine (#514)
Just because we try to lead a Christian life does not mean we are exempt from disappointment, trials and valleys.
Need Your Input (#513)
Everything is fair game—feature articles, regular columns, obituaries, photo captions, mistakes and misprints—anything at all.