Danny Jones
Danny's Diary

Danny's Diary

A 19-year veteran of the publication, Danny Jones is the Editor in Chief of Singing News. During his tenure he has authored three barely successful books that offer inside (and often humorous) looks at the world of Southern Gospel Music. He also currently serves as the Executive Director of The Southern Gospel Music Association.

Living In The Past? (#452)
Remember what monumental Southern Gospel events happened almost ten years ago?
Are You Sure I Can Do This? (#451)
My son Gregory has told me many times that while most of the world is on the technology expressway, I'm still trying to get moving down the entrance ramp. Sadly, he's right.
Running The Crowd (#450)
Remember the old days when quartets used to "run the crowd" with a special record offer?
Sell On! (#449)
With the passing this week of famous TV pitchman Ed McMahon, we can all quit waiting at the door for our winnings from that publishing clearinghouse. But after reading about his long career, my feeble brain started wandering around...
The Museum Of Your Life (#448)
Not too long ago, I was in New Orleans and while I was there, I had the opportunity to visit the National World War II Museum. I highly recommend that if you're ever in the New Orleans area, block off an afternoon to spend at the attraction. The museum is extremely informative with superb exhibits and artifacts. It's also a place that can easily sober any of the glamorous thoughts you might have...
Silver (#447)
Southern Gospel recordings are seemingly released everyday. Unfortunately, some of those CDs will often get overlooked or lost in the shuffle because the artist is not one who is on the forefront of everyone's mind. In this entry, I want to share with you information about a recording that you should add to your collection today.
High School Down, College To Go (#446)
Just a brief entry into Danny's Diary this week as the writer (that's me) of said diary has been tied up in - gasp - my son's high school graduation.
Memorial Day 2009 (#445)
If you'll allow me, I'm going to venture away from my normal fare of talking about Southern Gospel music on Danny's Diary for this week's entry. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that this upcoming weekend celebrates Memorial Day and for most people, that represents the first of several spring-summer getaways. But Memorial Day is much more than baseball games and cookouts.
A Look At The Early Days (#444)
As you already know, Singing News is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary this month. The history of the magazine has been written numerous times, but on the occasion of our 30th Anniversary in 1999, Southern Gospel music historian Jim Goff wrote an exhaustive commentary about the magazine's earliest days.
Your Responses (#443)
Whenever I write an entry into this diary, I always wonder what responses I might receive. Sometimes, when I think I'll get few or no responses, the in-box overflows. Likewise, when I just know I'm going to get overwhelmed with comments, they're few and far between.
And The Band (Used To) Played On...(#442)
This past weekend, I was in Tulsa, Okla., for the annual SingFest event hosted by Frank Arnold. After seeing both Jason Crabb and Gold City perform with a complete band each, and after a lengthy conversation with McCray Dove of the Dove Brothers - not to mention how I've seen several audiences come alive when a group with a live band comes on stage - I'm here to say that we probably didn't realize...
Yes, Those Are Shark Fins (#441)
Next month, Singing News will celebrate 40 years of publishing. As we get closer to that milestone, I've started to put together a few things that will spotlight some of the names that are closely associated with the magazine, and naturally, I have to start with Jerry Kirksey, who has been with the magazine from Day One.