Danny Jones
Danny's Diary

Danny's Diary

A 19-year veteran of the publication, Danny Jones is the Editor in Chief of Singing News. During his tenure he has authored three barely successful books that offer inside (and often humorous) looks at the world of Southern Gospel Music. He also currently serves as the Executive Director of The Southern Gospel Music Association.

Latest Blog: To Dwell

Home is not that far away, you know, and each day these little nuggets of wisdom from the Scriptures grow dearer to me.
If You Really Want To Do Something
There are many things you can do to help your favorite Southern Gospel artists. But one thing is better than any gift or kind word, and it makes the biggest difference.
Norman (#555)
He just turned off the player, stood up (all 12 feet of him), grabbed his car keys, and headed to the door. Read more from Singing News Editor, Danny Jones, in his latest blog entry.
Brrrrrr! (#554)
It was uphill in both directions.
And...We're Back! (#553)
There will never be a shortage of funny "behind-the-scenes" stories in Gospel music.
Stand By!
Be watching for a new entry in Danny's Diary!
Lights, please. (#552)
If we don't tell them the true meaning of Christmas, who will?
Five Reasons Not To Christmas Shop With Danny Jones (#551)
I'm just now getting in the "I-guess-I-should-start-thinking-about-what-to-get-them-for-Christmas" mode.
Thanksgiving, 2013 (#550)
That is no reason to anticipate a problem in a parade in a completely different state.
The Hit Man (#549)
We threw names back and forth like it was spring training in major league baseball.
I Tried To Warn Them (#548)
Not exactly Southern Gospel, but a good life lesson nonetheless...
Too Much To Gain (#547)
A short thought for today: Be encouraged