Billy Blackwood
In Other Words

In Other Words

Billy Blackwood, the younger son of gospel music legend James Blackwood, Sr., currently leads his father’s legendary group, the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. Before rejoining the Blackwood Brothers in 2009, Billly served in a pastoral role in his former home church, and served as the worship leader at another local church for seven years prior to pastoring. He is also a songwriter, grateful husband and father to his five children.

Be What You're Created To Be
In this tribute to Bob Benson, Billy talks about the importance of following the specific plan God has for our lives instead of following what we want to be, or others.
Life On The Potter's Wheel
God is not limited by our failure or the failure of others in our lives. He is able to take whatever shape we're in and make something beautiful from our mess.
"Old Fashioned" In A "Fifty Shades Of Grey" World
Billy takes a look at our culture with the recent success of "Fifty Shades Of Grey", and recommends a much better alternative for Christians called "Old Fashioned".
Super Bowl Sunday
The Super Bowl presented an important lesson to learn about how David and Goliath moments are possible in anyone's life. See Billy's take on it in the latest edition of "In Other Words".
Far from the material extravagance of Christmas today, the first Christmas was born of humility. And Humility is the great extravagance, even to the death on the cross.
The BLACKWOOD BROTHERS / 80th Anniversary
2014 marks the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.
Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness
It's important to have good relationships in our lives, and proper relationships require a certain set of principles to be as good as they should be.
Special Request From Billy Blackwood
I want to let you know about an opportunity our family has to serve on a short term missions trip this summer.
Our Trip Out West
Billy talks about the group's recent trip out West, and the blessings and surprises they encountered along the way.
Death And Taxes
It's that time of the year again, tax time! Billy Blackwood looks at another, even greater debt, and how it can be paid forever.
God's Surprises
God's Surprises
A Call To Men- Provide, Protect And Prepare
A Call To Men- Provide, Protect And Prepare